Individuals and Families
Trung and Family
Lai and Family
Liem and Family
Vinh and Family
An and Family
The late Quynh (far left) with classmates Chuong and Chi (far right) and families
Nguyen Kiem, VN, 2002
Kiem in his natural habitat
Uncle Sam Vinh
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Classmates (males, from left) An, Hiep, Tuan, Hung, and the bosses
Dr. and Mrs. Hung Sato.
Duc and family
PG Hung
BQ Dung
Trang and Family
NH Duc
Thanh and Brian.
The late Dr. VX Quynh and Mrs. Quynh.
Dr. and Mrs. N De, 1989
HT Tuyet Nga, 1989
The late Dr. and Mrs. TH Hai
DV Thiet, Tet Quy Mui, 2003
Thiet and extended family, UK. 2002.
Tai and family, 2002
From left: the Binhs, Chi, and the Liems, 2000
TX Mai with his father and lovely daughters
TX Mai in Pleiku
Ngoan and family
Kham and family, 1998
Thu and family,children, in-laws, and grandchildren
Dr. and Mrs. Tran N. Thuy, 2002
Thuy and his lovely daughter in St. Jose, 2001
Tien, his family (Aussies), and his mother in Montreal,2002
TX Mai on a recent trip to the ancient port city Hoi An (Faifo), 2003
Vinh en Paris. Can't keep him down in the farm anymore
TQ Dung, Dec. 2002
Dr. and Mrs. NH Man, April 2003.
NT Hung
LD Chuong and family on a recent trip to Hawaii.
NH Tu in front of where it all began, VN 1998
From left: Thanh (Mr. Mom), Thao (Mom), the Tus and the Liems VA, 2003
TH Nhon and "friends" VN, 2003
NK Hai and extended family VN 2003
Hai and family VN
Liem and the Hungs NJ 7/17/03
Liem and Hung
PH Phuoc went back to the old school on his last trip to VN
TH Nhon and other friends
NM Lang and husband
Dr. and Mrs. ND Phung, Houston 2000
Mrs. and Dr. TQ Dung at the tomb of President Reagan, California June, 2004
Thanh and Thao, France 2004
Dr. Le Dien Nhi with his wife, newly wed son and daughter in laws. Nov 2004VN
Vyvy and her Mom, Dr. Ha Thi Tuyet Nga. 2005