SaiGon Med 73 Classmate Gatherings 2
Classmates Gathering in VN, January 1, 1999
Sitting: (from left) BD Chi, NM Dung, NN Tuan, BM Tien, VV Phu, T Hung, and PD Man.
Standing: NN Phung, LX Dien, NH Khanh Duy, LD Nhi, LD Loc, PN Thanh, NQ Hung, TX Mai, LM Sang, N Kiem, ND Hai, VC Khanh, PT Be, NT Quang, TC Tinh, TV Ut, DV Khai, and LV Minh
The better looking classmates, 1989
Still better looking classmates
(from left) HT Nam, DT Nhu Hong, DP Thao, and HT Tuyet Nga, 1989
(from left) ND Phung, NT Tuyet Hoa, C Khanh, and NQ Duc, 1989
An and Thanh, 1990
Classmates and Families
Sitting (from left): Thanh, Duc, and Phuoc. Standing: Van, Thang, Tuong, Hoa, and Am, 1990.
Sitting (from left): Thao, Phuoc, and Nga. Standing: Tuong, Hai, Bang, Lieu, and Thanh.
Duc and Thao
(from left) Duc, Thanh, and De, 1989
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Am, An, and Duc, 2001
LT Nhan (Canada) 3rd from left and classmates in VN, 1998.
Pretty old picture. From left : Tran, Thanh, Duc, Thao, and Nga. California, 1981.
Sitting (from left): Am, Lang, and Mai. Standing: Thanh, Cac, Binh,and Lien
Musical classmates (males, from left): Binh, Hung, and Chuong. 1995
From left: Binh, Nhon, Dau (70), the late Ngoc, and Hung. 1995
Sitting (from left): Binh, Cuong, Chuong, Hung, and Dau (70). Standing: The Bosses and An. 1995
Chi, Liem, and Binh 2000
Liem, Binh,and Chi 2000
QT Hung and LK Binh, 2002
From left: HN Nhan, DV Thiet, and NM Tien. Sydney, 2003.
Classmates at the wedding of Thiem's daughter (standing from left) Cac, An, Thiem, Tuan, Vinh, and Am
From left : Vinh, Hung, Dung and Man . Orlando, Florida, April 2003
From left: Nguyen, Binh, Tuan, and Cac California, 2002
Binh, Tuan, and Am 2002
Binh (back to picture) just told Cac that his wife is pregnant (Just kidding!!!), 2002.
DT Hung and Vinh, Boston 2003
Hiep and Vinh, Boston 2003 LET THEM EAT CAKE !!!
From left: Ut, Cuong (USA), Minh, Gioi, Quang and Mai VN July/11/2003
From left: (standing) Cuong, Nhon, (sitting) Phung, Nhi VN 2003
From left: Quang, Phung, Phu, Nhi and Cuong
Sitting (from left): Mai, Nhon and Phu. Standing: Cuong VN, 2003
Lang, Nam, Mai and Thao. Montreal, 2003
Dr. PN Thanh, Mrs. and Dr. VT Cuong, VN, July. 2003