Classmates Gathering 3
From left: Tri, Vinh, Hung, Thanh, Duc and Dung. Thanksgiving 2003, Florida
On the beach, Florida east coast; sorry, the thong bikinis in the background have been cropped away
At the wedding of ND Lai's daughter, sitting from left: PM Hung, DTN Hong, HT Nam, VT Cuong and PV Nga. Standing: LK Binh, L Nguyen, NT Vinh, VQ Chi, NN Tuan, D Thiem, LV Thu and PN An. CA, 2003.
Classmates at a Dim Sum, sitting from left : Binh, Nga, Nam, Hung. Standing : Thu, Cuong, Lai, Thiem and Vinh. CA Dec/2003. Notice the left over Xiu Mai.
In front of VT Cuong's house : Vinh, Cuong, Thiem and Thu. CA 2003.
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Classmates gathering in VN, Jan/01/2004.
Montreal, Oct. 2003. Back row (from left) : P Bay, LT Cac, DG Lien, TT Nghia. Middle row : PM Hung DP Thao. Front row : TC Phuc, NX Son, MP AM, DD Trang, PTX Mai, HT Nam, NM Lang interspersed with spouses and friends
Dr.and Mrs. PN An, Mrs. and Dr. LD Hung. Phoenix, AZ. Jan/2004
Happy couples and their cactus counting: 1 cactus, 2 cacti etc...
From left: Drs. and Mrs. PN An, VT Cuong and LK Binh. Sacramento, CA 2004
From left, standing: Thiem, An, Am. Sitting: their respective bosses. 2004
From left: Dr.& Mrs. PM Hung, Mrs.& Dr. VQ Chi, Mrs.& Dr. LK Binh. Modesto, CA 2004
From left, sitting: TC Phuc, LT Nhan; standing: VT Tai, TN Thuy and P Bay at Phuc's house. Montreal, Can. Feb. 2004
Same gang, same time, same place.
Washington,DC. 4/24/2004. From left : Kham, Thiem, Tru, Lai, Dung, Tu, Duc(behind Tu), Tuyet Hoa, Tri(behind T Hoa), An, Am(behind An), Hung, Hiep, ?, Tuan, Hung and Duc.
At the wedding of PN An's daughter, Washington,DC. 4/24/04. From left: Thiem, Tuan, Am, Duc, Hiep, Tu, Cuong?, An, Kham, Tri, Hung and Dung.
NB Linh and LH Thong, Paris, France (Cabaret?)
Le Duc Chuong and classmates in VN, May/29/04. Chuong's brother in stripe shirt.
Hiep, Hieu, Hu`ng, Hu*ng ho*'n ho*? ho^.i ho.p, Massachussetts May/31/04
At Thanh-Thao Anniversary, Virginia May/31/04. Standing from left: Vinh Dai (72), TV Chuong, Thanh, PM Hung, NM Duc, PN An and LV Tru. Sitting: their respective bosses including Tuyet Hoa and DP Thao.
From left: Hung, Vinh, Tri, Liem, Dung and Duc. Orlando, FL June/05/2004
Liem with his family and Floridian classmates. June/05/2004
PC Minh and PH Liem, Pensacola FL June/01/04
From left: An, Tuan, Binh, Cuong, Dung, Nga and Lai. California June, 2004
Lai, An, Dung, Cuong and Binh sharing a good time. June, 2004