Classmates Gatherings 4
From left: NT Vinh, NV Thang, BH Phuoc, VT Van, PG Hung, HTT Nga, NS Lieu and NH Mai, California July 2004
Same gang, same time, same place plus NT Tuong, far right
Thang and Vinh
From left: PG Hung, NT Vinh, Mrs.&Dr. TN Thuy, Dr.&Mrs. PC Minh, ND Tri, Mrs&Dr. NH Duc and BQ Dung, Florida July, 2004
Same gang, same time in front of Dung's office in Orlando
Same deal with the exception of Duc Cha trying to kie^'m -die^m~
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NB Linh, LK Binh. Paris Aug/2004
Sitting, from left: Ha (Mrs. Thong), PT Nga, PN Thanh. Standing: Phuoc (Nga's husband), LH Thong, VN Hieu and NB Linh. Paris, France November 2004.
From left: Sang, ?, Chi, NT Nam, Kiem, Minh and Khai. Binh Duong,VN Nov/2004
NH Tu and NM Dung, VN June 2004
From left: Khai, Sang, Chi, Phu, Kiem, Minh and Cuong. Thanh Bach restaurant, VN 12/20/04
From left, sitting: CX Anh, PN Thanh, VN Hieu, LK Xuyen and Ha (Mrs. Thong); standing: Duong (Xuyen's husband), NB Linh and LH Thong. At Hieu's house, France 2004
From left: Linh, Ha, Anh. Hieu, Xuyen, Thanh, Thong and Pascal (Hieu's husband)
Hop Mat Jan-02-2005 Binh Duong, Viet Nam
SaiGonMed73 at the DH5 YNDSTG Dec/04 in Sydney, Australia
From left: VT Van, BH Phuoc, NT Tuong and NT Vinh, LA, California Dec/04
From left: Dr.and Mrs.BH Phuoc, Dr.and Mrs.PN An, Dr.and Mrs.LD Hung in Las Vegas, Oct/04
An, Phuoc and Hung
H Mai, X Mai, Phuoc, Thu, Lien, Thang and Lieu California, Jan. 2005
Drs. Le Nguyen and Nhu Hong, Mrs. and Dr. Nguyen Duc Lai. San Jose, CA April 2005