Classmates Gathering 5

Trinh Van Chuong in north California, May 2005
Pham Ngoc Thanh in Florida, May 2005
Conservative beach : No thong, no bikini, not even Speedo....just sarong in the background
Nhu Hong, Le Nguyen and classmates in VN, May 2005
Classmates in France, May 2005. From left: Standing Thong's sister, Trinh Thanh Van, NB Linh, LH Thong, Van's husband. Sitting: CX Anh, TK Xuyen and husband.
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An, Liem, Binh. Modesto, CA June, 2005
Resurfaced after 32 years: TD Vinh with NT Vinh July 2005
NT Vinh and VT Van (deserves to have a festival)
Vinh and classmates in San Jose, CA July 2005
NT Vinh, QT Hung (Xoai) California 2005
From left, front row: Dr.& Mrs. Chuong, Mrs. Chi, Mrs. An. Back: Tuan, Chi and An, TX 2006