SaiGon Med 73 Music
May I send you a song : Cho tinh .  The song is originally written by Encore 4.0,  I have to put it in to MS Word  (chotinh.doc)  and midi (chotinh.mid) formats so that everybody can see and listen to it via Windows Media Player.
Ngo ngoc Lien is a Professor in ENT working at Hanoi Medical School.
Cho tinh (Love market) is a festival of the ethnic people living in Chapa, a mountainous highland northwest of Vietnam.  They believe that the lovers are first a unique piece in the Heaven, the God throws it down to the layman world. It splits into 2 pieces that become the girl and the boy. In the bottom of their mind, they feel so miserable missing the other half while living with an unwanted husband or wife in daily life. Each year, they celebrate the Love festival, during these days, everybody, especially the married people, are free to search for the other half. They make into couples, singing and performing the Shy dance (the flirting dance around the lover) all night long. Dr. Lien made the poem while watching the young lovers, he got some inspiration of a man over 50 in the world of young lovers. I share his thinking and made it into a boston song. We are at the end of the layman life and I wonder when will I find the other half of mine?
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