SaiGon Med 73 Very Old Pictures
Theses Presentation Trung (third from left), Trang (fifth from left), Hung, and Tuong (far right)
Trung, Trang, and Hung
Theses Presentation Vinh and Khanh (far right)
Quan Y 1968
YK1 at an orphanage, 1968
YK1, 1968
QY Graduation (from left): Thu, Lieu, Binh, Hung, Kham, Do, Vinh, Khanh, Hai, Ly, and Quang. 1973
U. of SaiGon Medical School : Entrance gate, circa 1973
U. of SaiGon Medical School, circa 1973.
U. of SaiGon Medical School : View from entrance to auditorium
View from "Estoma" pond, circa 1973
QY graduation (from left): Lieu, Liem, Khanh, Phuoc, Ly, Quang, Do, and Kham.
QY graduation, hats on (from left): Do, Kham, Khanh, Quang, Lieu, and Hung.
The graduates (males, from left): Phuoc, Kham, Quang, Hai, their dates (not expecting), and spouse (Mrs. Hai, expecting), Dec/01/73.
QY graduation ceremony, Dec/01/73
We were soldiers (from left): Hai, An, Kham, Liem (flagboy), and Lieu, circa 1972
QY cadets (standing,from left): Khai (Pharm.), Hung, Liem, Do, Kham, Khanh, An, Lieu, Long (Dent.), Khanh, Truong, TT Nhon (YK4). Staff Officers (sitting, from left): DS Hai, BS Giao, BS Thuy, BS Dong, and BS Vinh, circa 1973.
Anatomy Lab, 1967: Vinh and Tuan Voi (far right)
YK1,1967(from left): TK Phan, ?, Vinh, Hung Sui, Kiem, Duc Cha,and Lai.
YK1, 1967 (from left): Dung, Bang, Linh,and Vinh
Vinh, Kiem, Perfume river, and Thien Mu pagoda, Hue 1972
From left: Vinh, ?, Kiem, Lai, and Minh(72) at Tinh Tam Lake, Hue 1972
From left: Hung, Vinh, a friend, and Kiem at Tu Dam pagoda, Hue 1972
From left: Thang, Thiet, Thuy, Thao, Tinh, Tien Thay, and Tien De. Circa 1967
TQ Dung, Navy Doctor, 1974.
At DV Khai's wedding in 1980. From left : DT Hoa, PC Minh, PG Hung, DV Vinh, ?, the bride, DV Khai, HM Hung, N Kiem, LV Tru, ?, and ?.
A toast to the bride and groom at Khai's wedding, VN 1980
Anatomy Lab circa 1967 (from left): Hai, Duy, Tu, and Son
NT Hung circa 1973
PD Man 1973
Presentations of theses, 1973
NA Tuan and DV Vinh in Parasitology Lab, circa 1969
Let's share the head lices
From left: Mai, Hung, Cac and Dung, circa 1969
Standing from left: TV Chuong, VQ Chi, TQ Dung and DV Thiet circa 1973
Dung and Thiet 1973
Thiet, 1973
Presentation of these, DV Khai far right, circa 1973
Taking the oath, DV Khai, 2nd from left
From left: PV Nga and ND Tri. Circa 1974
From left: NT Hung, unknown nun 1, VQ Chi, the late Professor TT Minh Ha, unknown nun 2, PN Thanh and TT Nghia. BV Nhi Dong SG circa 1972.
Nguyen Kiem and Do Trong Hung, circa 1968
Y Si Trung Uy Dinh Van Khai, Quang Duc VN circa 1974
Precious old pictures recently discovered by TQ Dung Jan/2005
LC Tam, VV Phu, TN Thuy at Co The Hoc Vien, APM year circa 1966
From left : BT Cau, HQ Anh and VG Nhon, circa 1972
From left C Khanh, ?, HD A and HQ Anh. Hue 1972
Ha Quoc Anh. Rangers Doctor 1974